We have experience in installing permanent sound systems in numerous churches around South East Wales. Work has consisted of anything from alterations and additions to existing systems to completely new installations.

We understand the importance of good stewardship of church funds and thus aim to offer a good balance between quality and price.

We are dealers for Shermann Audio of Newtown, Mid Wales and offer competitive pricing on their range of loudspeakers and amplification all manufactured in the UK.

It is important that a significant purchase such as a new sound system is specified correctly at the outset in order that it will cope with both current and possible future demands. Too often we have seen existing church systems that have been cobbled together often with budget components or decent components that are just inappropriate for the application.

It has been said that many churches go through around three sound systems: the first, the one that the architect specified; the second, put in by well meaning church members with little to no audio industry experience and finally the third system installed by an outside contractor.

Avoid wasting church funds and come to us in the first instance for a competitive quote.